Bloomingdale Boosters offer Baseball | Golf Putting Teams  & Events
Bloomingdale Boosters offer Baseball | Golf Putting Teams  & Events

Player/Parent Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct:

All players are expected to show respect to their teammates, players from the opposing team, all coaches and umpires, both on and off the field.

Players are not to engage in arguments with other players, coaches or umpires during a game.

Players shall respect all equipment and abuse of equipment will not be tolerated. Players/Parents will be responsible for any equipment damaged due to abuse.

Any player ejected from a game due to un-sportsman like conduct, including foul language, fighting or abuse of equipment may be suspended from the team.

Players will not invite their friends/siblings into the dugout during the course of a game.

Parents Code of Conduct:

Parents are the ultimate role model for their children and are expected to support the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

Parents are to ensure that their child arrives on time ready to play for games and practices.

Parents and their guests are expected to be supportive of the players and not to engage in argumentative behavior with players, coaches, umpires or other parents.

Parents and their guests will maintain self-control. They will refrain from disrespectful conduct of any sort, including but not limited to profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks, taunting, or other actions that demean an individual.

During the course of a game, parents and their guests will refrain from “shouting out” instructions to players on the field or in the dugout.

Parents or their guests are not permitted in the dugout during or prior to the start of the game. The only exception is if the parent or guest is invited into the dugout by the coaching staff.

If an umpire ejects a parent or one of their guests from the field during a game, that person must appear in front of the Bloomingdale Boosters Inc. board prior to being allowed to return to the field.

Parents will not discuss their child’s status with the team, i.e. playing time, positioning, batting order etc… during the course of the game. Discussions of this nature shall take place between parents and the team manager/coach after the game at an appropriate time for all parties.

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