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Bloomingdale Boosters offer Baseball | Golf Putting Teams  & Events

Putting For Cash

Rick Yorkie

Rick Yorkie is this year's "Putt for Cash" final qualifier.

During the 4th round of the contest, Yorkie raised the challenge to the remaining contestants by being the only competitor to sink the 15 foot putt and as a result eliminated the remaining field of contestants.

Rick, being the only player to sink his putt during this elimination round, had earned half of the prize monies and was now putting for a chance to win the whole bank.

The final "Putt for Cash" attempt was a slight 60 foot uphill lie with small break from left to right. Rick's final stroke, approach the hole just catching the lip of the cup; his ball ringing the edge of the cup, bouncing up and out of the hole. WOW - what an effort making the final stroke of the day on the Saranac Inn putting green quite an exciting closure to the 2016 Classic Golf Tournament.

A Big Thank You goes to Rick Yorkie for generously donating his "Putting for Cash" prize money back to the Bloomingdale Boosters!

2016 Putting For Cash Pictures

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